Laura Brooks

Curator’s Statement

Laura Brooks makes fun, colorful, happy art that first awakens you with bright colors and abstract imagery, and then textures emerge through her use of eclectic materials.  She loves color, texture and arranging shapes without worry, exemplifying the idea that true art comes from self-expression without censorship.  Laura has retained the creative child within herself that allows her to make beautiful, free and fanciful compositions that have a true sense of herself as an artist.

Artist Statement

Laura lives and creates in the same Cleveland area community that she was born in 1963.  Her work is frequently inspired by the natural world.  Whether earth, sky, water or fire, her finished paintings reflect a dramatic interpretation of the spontaneous personality of our ever-changing environment.

As an abstract artist, Laura enjoys incorporating reclaimed materials into her art, such as paper, metal, salt, thread or other found objects.  These ingredients, when finessed with layers of gel, paste or clay, deepen the texture of a piece, transforming a traditional canvas into a painted sculpture.  The infusion of her bold color combinations play against each texture individually with striking results.



acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas

25” x 12”




acrylics on unframed canvas

30” x 24”




acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas

40” x 30”




acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas

24” x 18”


LBrooks_Heritage 5


ink and acrylic canvas, framed

22” x 26”


LBrooks_IceMoon 6

Ice Moon

acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas

25” x 12”


LBrooks_Impulse 7


acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas

20” x 20”


LBrooks_MidnightTide 8

Midnight Tide

acrylics gallery wrapped canvas

12” x 9”


LBrooks_Mosso 9


mixed media, acrylics on hard board

18” x 24”


LBrooks_Tightrope 10


acrylics on cradled board

18” x 24”